Students desiring to use the Fluids Workshop can gain access by completing the following steps.


  1. Consider what you will need to do in the lab.  What are your project goals?  What resources do you need to complete your project?  Will you need to be trained on facilities or instrumentation in order to complete your work?  You can contact a laboratory supervisor to discuss how the lab can support your project.
  2. Complete required online safety training courses (this is expected to take 1 to 2 hours).  See the section of this document entitled Fluids Workshop Required Safety Training for further information on required courses and how to access them.  Be sure to save pdf images of the grade page for each course, clearly indicating the course, your name, and the outcome.  You will need to submit this in step 5.
  3. Complete additional safety training, if appropriate, as required for your user level (see Fluids Workshop Required Safety Training).
  4. Students participating in the Fluids Workshop will join a vibrant learning community and have access to a growing knowledge base.  An element of this knowledge base is in the form of a wiki, to which participants will be given access.  In an internet browser, navigate to and log in with your HawkID.  This will create a wiki account if you have not previously used the University of Iowa wiki.  Then send an email to with the subject: WIKI ACCESS REQUEST.  The body of the email should contain your hawkID.  You will then be given access to the IIHR Fluids Workshop wiki site so that you can create and edit pages.
  5. Complete the Fluids Workshop project application form.  Be sure to upload documents verifying completion of safety training from step 2.
  6. Watch for an email from  You will need to arrange a time to sign the Certification of PPE Training form and complete any necessary site-specific training, depending on your work.