The Advanced Measurements Laboratory houses major flow facilities for experimental measurements.  The laboratory supports independent student projects as well as scheduled laboratories in College of Engineering courses. 

Facilities include:

  • A recirculating wind tunnel, with a three-axis force balance (lift, drag, pitching moment) for aerodynamic studies
  • A 10 m towing tank with a wavemaker and flow capabilities.  The facility also functions as a tilting open-channel flume
  • A visualization water channel, with high test-section visibility for optical flow visualizations and measurements
Fluid tank illuminated by green light

The laboratory is also equipped with advanced flow diagnostic instrumentation, including:

  • A 3D, time-resolved particle tracking velocimetry system for resolving flow motions within a volume
  • A two-component laser Doppler anemometer for accurate velocity measurements at a point
  • A two-channel thermal anemometer for measuring high-frequency velocity fluctuations in turbulent and other unsteady flows.