The Fluids Workshop is a laboratory community available to all students in the College of Engineering to support open-ended projects related to coursework and extra-curricular activities such as simulation and measurements in student organization activities or research with college faculty.  

The laboratory contains an impressive array of state-of-the art instrumentation and powerful computational tools that will enable students to perform advanced technical tasks and research.

A learning community is formed by students working in the lab, to help make these advanced tools and methods tractable.  It is important that students working in the lab participate in and contribute to the learning community in order to maintain its vitality.  This may involve contributing to the knowledge base, assisting or training peers, or advancing the technology in the lab. 

Students working in the lab are also expected to comply with laboratory policies and work proactively to promote safety, organization, and cleanliness in the lab.  The links below contain procedures for requesting access to the lab and completing the required training, as well as laboratory policies.

Photo of the Fluids Workshop space