Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Building a website can be a daunting process whether you're new to working on the web or a seasoned expert. This guide can help you get started using the SiteNow service. 

Navigating SiteNow

When logged in to your SiteNow site as a webmaster, you'll see two different menus appear on the page.

Administrative menu

Located at the top of the page (or as a left-hand sidebar, if desired), this menu houses the settings and configuration options for your site. Here's a brief summary of what you'll find on each page.

Content: Find and add content, content moderation tools, and uploaded file management
Structure: Navigation menu settings, content tagging, and webforms
Appearance: Design theme settings (No actions available to webmasters)
Configuration: Site-wide settings, content type settings, Google Analytics configuration, URL redirects function
People: Add users and edit roles/permissions
Find text: Identify pages with specific words or phrases in content

Page menu

The menu beneath the gold brand bar on each page is used to make edits to the current page, not the site as a whole. Functions include:

View: Preview the page as it will appear to site visitors
Edit: Adjust settings for the page (SEO, navigation menu location, etc.)
Layout: Open the Layout Builder drag-and-drop web editing interface, add and edit on-page content
Revisions: Revert page to previous saved version (stores 10 most recent saves)
Usage: Track and view recent edits to page
Replicate: Create exact copy of page and current formatting
Delete: Remove page permanently from site

Using the Layout tool

Clicking the "Layout" option in the Page menu will bring up the on-page content editing interface. Users have access to a broad array of design options that make it simpler to create an engaging, effective web site. 

Adding content

You can add content to the page you're currently editing using the following on-page buttons.

Add section
Create a new horizontal area on the page that will contain vertical columns to which content can be added. You will be prompted to select the number of columns. You will also have the option to adjust the background color, width, and spacing settings for horizontal section. 

Add component
Choose from a list of available content components to add content to the page. The list of components ranges widely in purpose and design options. For example, the "Text area" component helps users add copy to the page using a WYSIWYG editing tool. The "Banner" component allows the addition of an image or video to the page with header text and button links in the foreground. You can browse our descriptions of each component type or experiment to find the one that suits your needs. 

Editing content

Simply hover your mouse over the area you'd like to edit to make the option visible. For sections, click the "Configure section" link that appears in the section's top left corner. For components, a circular icon with a gray pencil in the center will appear on mouse hover. Click the icon and then the "Configure" link to bring up the editing options for the component you're editing. 


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