Safety Training Classifications


Students working in the Fluids Workshop will be assigned a Training Classification based on the planned activities of the student.  The classifications are:


  • Level 1: Access to laboratory spaces in which class 4 or 3b lasers are in use.  Level 1 users are not authorized to operate lasers or work with hazardous substances.  Minimum Level 1 classification is required to access the laboratory without instructor supervision.
  • Level 2: In addition to Level 1 authorizations, Level 2 users are also authorized to operate a laser.  Level 2 users are not authorized to use hazardous substances.
  • Level 3: In addition to Level 1 or Level 2 authorization, Level 3 users are authorized to use hazardous substances, with situation-specific conditions, and for a specified period of time.


Safety training classifications expire annually during the summer, and re-training is required if students wish to continue working in the lab.


Required Safety Training


The following safety training must be completed, according to your user training classification level, before accessing the laboratory.  Required EHS safety training courses can be accessed at:


The EHS web page has two registration options: UI/UIHC Paid Employee, or Non-Paid Student.  Unless you are employed by the University, you should click on the student link.  You can search the list of available courses for the ones required by the Fluids Workshop.


Level 1:

  • Three EHS safety training courses must be completed with the final grades documented and reported:
    • W115OS HazCom with GHS
    • W028RD Laser Safety – Research
    • W156OS PPE Awareness for Non-labs


You must print and scan, or save a pdf of your completed EHS quiz scores and submit it in step 5 of the application procedure.


Level 2:

  • All of the Level 1 requirements.
  • Review all Standard Operating Procedures associated with the laser that you will use.
  • Review operating and safety instructions furnished by the manufacturer of the laser that you will use.


Level 3:

  • All of level 1 or 2 requirements.
  • Feasibility and additional training will be assessed on an individual basis, based on the nature of the hazards.  Level 3 access will only be granted under supervision and for a specific period of time required to complete the proposed work.  At the discretion of the laboratory supervisor, requests for Level 3 access may be denied based on safety concerns or needs for excessive accommodations to achieve safe working conditions.